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Sunday, June 9, 2013

SHOULD I Eat Pizza or a Salad?

Today's grammar lesson is on modal verbs.  You might not know that word, modal, but you do know words such as can, should, must, have to, might, ought to, may, will, need to and shall. In English we use these words a lot, usually when talking about things that are going to happen. We use them to speak about ability (I can), giving advice or suggesting (You should), giving permission (You may) and telling someone that they Must do something. I'm sure most students have heard the phrase 'you must be quiet when the teacher is talking' :).

We've found this useful chart that will (another modal verb) be able to help you more clearly understand.

If you have some free time you should (another modal verb) try and write some sentences in your notebook. As always, if you want to show your teacher at school tomorrow we would very much like to help.

You can do it!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

In, At and On

We are going to post helpful grammar tips so that students can improve their English. To make these tips more interesting, and easier to learn, we'll usually post them as pictures. Everyone likes a good pic right :).

We know that students can often confuse in, at and on.   

Have a look at the pyramid below and try and make one sentence each for in, at and on. Use your notebooks if you want. If you have any questions please ask your teacher tomorrow at school.

Good luck and have fun using English.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Brand New Design for a Brand New School Year!

First of all we'd like to extend a "BIG WELCOME BACK" to all the parents and students of the BCC family. We hope you had a relaxing summer vacation and that you are ready to "hit the books". I know all of the teachers here in Learning Stage 2 are very excited to be getting back to work (honestly). We hope to make this year the best one yet for the IEP program.

You have by now noticed that our blog has undergone some changes. We felt that a little colour, and more options (see the right side) might make it more attractive for you to read. But, just as last year, we'll still keep you informed as to what is happening in Learning Stage 2 (exams, assignments, projects and that sort of thing). We'll also post links to websites that might help the students of P4, P5 and P6, as well as interesting photos and other educational tools that our teachers come across.

Of course, we'd love for you, the parents and the students, to make any comments on our posts. After all, this blog is for you, so please feel free to be an active participant. If you have any questions about the blog, or about Learning Stage 2, you can email us at

Thanks so much for reading and for being part of the IEP family.