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Sunday, June 9, 2013

SHOULD I Eat Pizza or a Salad?

Today's grammar lesson is on modal verbs.  You might not know that word, modal, but you do know words such as can, should, must, have to, might, ought to, may, will, need to and shall. In English we use these words a lot, usually when talking about things that are going to happen. We use them to speak about ability (I can), giving advice or suggesting (You should), giving permission (You may) and telling someone that they Must do something. I'm sure most students have heard the phrase 'you must be quiet when the teacher is talking' :).

We've found this useful chart that will (another modal verb) be able to help you more clearly understand.

If you have some free time you should (another modal verb) try and write some sentences in your notebook. As always, if you want to show your teacher at school tomorrow we would very much like to help.

You can do it!

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